Clan of Xymox releases new album, Spider On the Wall

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The latest album from stalwart darkwave act, Clan of Xymox, is out today. Spider On the Wall is, by my count, Xymox’s 17th studio album, which makes them one of the most prolific artists in the dark electronic music scene.

You can find Spider On the Wall on Bandcamp and Spotify.

I’ve only listened to it all the way through once, but so far it offers everything you want from a Clan of Xymox album: rich, densely layered sounds with strong, emotional lyrics. I am frequently reminded of The Cure’s Disintegration, particularly on the title track and pre-release single “Lovers,” though Clan of Xymox amps up the energy with faster beats and lush synth lines.

Spider On the Wall contains 10 tracks. In addition to “Lovers,” we’ve also heard two more excellent singles: “She” and “All I Ever Know.”


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