Cold Connection tease upcoming remix album

“Beautiful (Remixed)” is the first track from a remix album arriving in May.

Cold Connection

Swedish synthpop band Cold Connection released a new remix of “Beautiful” today and provided some additional insight about the song. The accompanying music video features black and white footage of the duo—looking very solemn—interspersed with footage of a vulnerable young woman posing for an artist.

Here’s what they have to say about the song:

The song is about girls who often have a bad self perception and low self esteem, due to society and SoMe. Most girls don’t realize their beauty, and only see their flaws.

“Beautiful” comes from Cold Connection’s debut album, Seconds of Solitude, which I named the best album of 2021 for its delicate songcraft, mechanical beats, and emotionally resonant vocals—all of which are showcased beautifully in this song.

The new remix of “Beautiful” is the first track from a forthcoming album that Cold Connection plans to release in May that will feature remixes of tracks from Seconds of Solitude. Cold Connection has remixed “Beautiful” themselves, though I hope we’ll be hearing other artists offer their interpretations of Cold Connection songs.

Cold Connection has released a handful of singles from Seconds of Solitude, including “Trocadero,” “Strange Kind of Paradise,” and “Burning Love.”

In addition to best album of 2021, I also named Cold Connection the best new synthpop artist of 2021. Read my interview with the band to learn more about their background, their approach to songwriting, and what’s next for the duo.

You can find “Beautiful (Remixed)” on Amazon and Spotify.

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