O+HER releases second single, “Ghost of a Memory”

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New project O+HER has an excellent new single out today called “Ghost of a Memory” that proves this is one of the best new artists of the year. The single is accompanied by a B-side called “Mercy Beast,” bringing O+HER’s total output to four tracks so far.

O+HER (pronounced “other”) is a Swedish duo comprised of two known forces in the dark music scene, Tobias Bernstrup and ABU NEIN singer Erica Li Lundqvist. They promise more music on the way this year, including a vinyl release.

The two-track single “Ghost of a Memory” is available exclusively on Bandcamp today, and 100% of the proceeds will be sent to humanitarian organizations in Ukraine. It will reach other digital platforms on March 25.

O+HER made their debut in January with the single “Brave Bodies Burn,” which features mesmerizing vocals from Tobias and Erica Li. That song was accompanied by a cover of the 1985 song “Virus Meadow,” originally recorded by English post-punk band And Also the Trees.

Look for “Ghost of a Memory” on Bandcamp.


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