TR/ST unveils “The Shore,” first new song in two years

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One of the world’s best synthpop projects, TR/ST, has a new song out today called “The Shore.” It is TR/ST’s first new music in more than two years.

“The Shore” is a dark and moody ripper that doesn’t stray too far from the TR/ST formula, piling on layers of twinkling electronic sounds and showcasing his distinctive nasally voice. As ever, his lyrics are difficult to decipher—this track will require a few listens to make sense of them.

TR/ST’s Robert Alfons co-produced the track with Los Angeles-based music producer Nightfeelings, aka Nick Weiss, who is one-half of the electronic music duo Teengirl Fantasy. I believe it is their first time working together.

TR/ST’s last album was The Destroyer Part 2

“The Shore” is TR/ST’s first new music since releasing his monumental two-part The Destroyer albums in 2019. I named The Destroyer Part 1 the best synthpop album of the year and its single “Gone” the best song of the year.

TR/ST premiered “The Shore” last month at the Cruel World festival in Los Angeles along with another unreleased track. At the time, both tracks were unnamed, and TR/ST did not introduce them during his performance. Notably, Robert performed solo without the live drummer and keyboardist who typically accompany him.

He has yet to announce if “The Shore” will appear on a forthcoming album, though TR/ST typically takes his time between releases. The Destroyer’s lead single, “Bicep,” appeared nearly two years before the album’s release.

You can find “The Shore” on Spotify.

TR/ST “The Shore” lyrics

The actual words of any TR/ST song are generally the least important part as Robert tends to write nonsensical lyrics that project the mood he’s trying to convey. Still, it’s nice to know what he’s singing. Some persistent TR/ST fans think they’ve deciphered the lyrics to “The Shore.”

Burn this essence, hold my fall
Loveless conquer, all of us
Red red clover, call it off
Water crashes, on the rocks

You’re contained, lightning
I’ve lost my so-soulmate
I’m on the edge of being less … down

You’re soaking up
Your soul is stale
We started out, it was just a sin
You’re so consumed
Your body cowers
You see the rues and you run from them
The sea is rough and we can’t withstand
I used to sail in the lonely sand
I’m sick of it and compare the sun
A silver fire
A silver love

You’re contained, lightning
I’ve left my so-soulmate
I’m on the edge of being less … down
There’s one thing lasting
A slightly narcissistic
I’m on the edge of just tearing it down

I’m on the hunt for the cure
Lost in the swell of it all
Wait and approaching the shore
Closer than ever before


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