Fonohead releases new album, Actor of Your Theatre

Actor of Your Theatre is Fonohead’s second album.


The new album from electronic musician and Synthpop Fanatic favorite Fonohead is out now. It’s called Actor of Your Theatre, and you can find it on Fonohead’s website and on Spotify.

Actor of Your Theatre contains seven tracks of soothing, melancholic synthpop. I’ve been listening to it for a couple of weeks now, and my favorite track so far is “The Abandoned in the Dark.”

This is Fonohead’s second album. He made his debut in early 2020 with A Broken Shape of Time, which I named number twelve on my list of the best synthpop albums of the year. A Broken Shape of Time included the incredible single, “Metropolitan Child,” an ode to urban life that doesn’t neglect to include the little details: coffee and cigarettes, streetlights, marble statues.

Earlier this year, Fonohead released a new song called “Fighting Monsters” that appears on Actor of Your Theatre. The video for “Fighting Monsters” is a simple yet wildly creative concept that features Fonohead playfully singing behind two wine glasses.

Fonohead makes thoughtful and melancholic synthpop with warm, ambient soundscapes. He stands out for his introspective lyrics and soothing vocals that present an aura of calmness. Not much else is known about the artist—he’s a world traveler who spends time in Russia and the U.K. That lifestyle informs his music, and he often sings about travel and personal experience.

Actor of Your Theatre tracklisting and cover art

Here’s the album’s tracklisting and the cover art:

  1. Be My Catch
  2. The Abandoned in the Dark
  3. Closer to Insanity
  4. Princess Fake
  5. Fighting Monsters
  6. Into the Waves
  7. Imaginary You

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