Fonohead – “Fighting Monsters”

“Fighting Monsters” is Fonohead’s first new song since last year’s EP.

Electronic musician Fonohead has a new song out today called “Fighting Monsters.” It comes with a simple yet wildly creative music video.

“Fighting Monsters” is the first new song we’ve heard from Fonohead since last year’s When the Moon Seemed So Close EP. The release includes a B-side called “Bedtime Story.” Hopefully, these tracks will appear on a forthcoming album, though he hasn’t announced anything official yet.

Fonohead is one of my favorite new synthpop artists. His debut album, A Broken Shape of Time, was number twelve on my list of the best albums 2020. It included the wonderful track “Metropolitan Child,” an ode to urban travel with poetic lyrics that are thoughtful and sublime.

You can find “Fighting Monsters” on Spotify and on Fonohead’s website.

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