Lights of Euphoria announce remaining 2022 releases

Their monthly singles and several new songs will be collected on a pair of EPs coming this fall.

Lights of Euphoria - Altered Voices

This year, the long-running German electro project Lights of Euphoria joined the ranks of bands releasing a new song every month, a streaming-era trend most notably pulled off by Aesthetic Perfection in 2021. It’s a trick that’s also paying off for Lights of Euphoria—their monthly singles are among my favorite tracks this year.

Since May, the band has unveiled a new song on the first day of each month. The songs have been euphoric dance tracks with catchy-as-hell choruses. I included June edition “Man and Machine” on my list of the best synthpop songs of the year (so far) for its driving beat and a lovely, memorable chorus I simply can’t get out of my head: “Beautiful pain, beautiful lies. I’m just a simple man in disguise.”

As if releasing a new song each month wasn’t enough work, they’ve also been producing high-quality music videos to accompany them. You can find links to each video in the complete list of music below.

Lights of Euphoria 2022 release schedule

There are several more songs from Lights of Euphoria on the way. In a recent video, the band teased the remaining 2022 tracks and revealed that they’ll be releasing physical versions of the songs on a pair of EPs that collect the monthly singles along with several new songs.

Here is the complete list of music that Lights of Euphoria will release in 2022, starting with the first single from May.

Tracklistings for Suicidal Angels EPs

October’s Suicidal EP will contain six tracks, including three new songs:

  1. The Sound of Thunder
  2. Access Denied
  3. Man and Machine
  4. Collapsed
  5. Deeper
  6. Suicidal Angel

November’s Angel EP will also contain six tracks, including three brand new songs and the “Man and Machine” remix:

  1. Form and Matter
  2. Puppeteer
  3. Here Comes the Rain
  4. Soul Collector
  5. Strange
  6. Man and Machine (Reshuffled)

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