Zanias releases her second album, Unearthed

Zanias is the solo project of Linea Aspera’s Alison Lewis

The new album from Zanias is out now.

You can find Unearthed on Bandcamp and Spotify.


The prolific darkwave artist Zanias is getting ready to release her sophomore album, Unearthed. It’s coming on September 6.

This album sounds really promising based on the incredible first single, “Untethered,” and the description posted at Bandcamp:

‘Unearthed’ explores the multiplicities of human connections, written at a time when connectedness was a resource more scarce than ever before. Field recordings from nature, vocal samples and an array of acoustic instruments are manipulated within a structure of catchy melodic synth maneuvers and driving rhythms, accompanied by her familiar and powerful voice conveying personal musings on hopeless desires and stoic acceptance.

Unearthed is the follow-up to Zanias’ debut full-length, Into the All, which was released in 2018 and included the monumental single “Aletheia.” She’s also released a handful of EPs, including 2020’s Extinction.

Zanias is the solo project of Alison Lewis, a grandiose artist with one of the best voices in the dark music scene. She is also a member of the electronic band Keluar and the minimal synth band Linea Aspera. In 2020, Linea Aspera reunited to release LP II, one of the best albums of the year.

Unearthed tracklisting

Interestingly, all of the song titles on Unearthed begin with the prefix un:

  1. Unfathomed
  2. Unraveled
  3. Untethered
  4. Unearthed
  5. Unsaid
  6. Unseen
  7. Untamed
  8. Undreamt
  9. Unturned
  10. Unbound

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