Covered in Snow – “Starlings (Uncreated Remix)”

The two Swedish bands have converged once again.

Covered in Snow - Starlings

In late summer of 2021, two Swedish synthpop bands—Uncreated and Covered in Snow—joined forces to create an energetic song called “Rush.” The track eventually appeared on Uncreated’s full-length album, Symbiosis.

The two bands have converged once again. This time, Uncreated has remixed Covered in Snow’s latest single, “Starlings.” The song, which initially came out in December, covers themes of purpose and conformity. I quite like the lyric “Underneath my sheets I try to get up to get down with the freaks and fools.”

Here’s what Covered in Snow says about the song:

“Starlings” is our take on adjusting to society in various ways, from social media to corporate networking. Although finding one’s path might be endorsed, everything runs smoother when starlings stay within the flock. Leaving is quite a leap.

Covered in Snow is a duo from Stockholm comprised of Mikael Engström and Tom Hedlund. They formed in 2017 and have been steadily cranking out new songs, including the tracks “Glasgow Smile” and “Hurry Up to Love Here.”

You can find “Starlings (Uncreated Remix)” on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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