Top synthpop artists join Uncreated for new album, Symbiosis

Mark Hockings of Mesh sings on “Hand Grenade.”

Uncreated - Symbiosis

Swedish synthpop artist Uncreated released his second full-length album today, Symbiosis. It’s aptly named—most of the tracks on Symbiosis feature collaborations between Uncreated’s Patrik Hansson and other artists from the world of synthpop.

The impressive roster of artists on Symbiosis includes Mark Hockings from Mesh, Björn Marius Borg from Xenturion Prime, Louise Marchione from Planet R and Thermostatic, Mikael Engström from Covered in Snow, Richard Flow from Machinista, and Arielle Andersson from Octolab.

Working with so many diverse artists results in a dynamic collection of songs. Most of the collaborations are energetic bangers with high-tempo beats and catchy lyrics. Patrik himself performs vocals on four songs that also impress.

Prior to today’s album release, Uncreated unveiled three singles from the album, including the powerful song “Hand Grenade,” which features the unmistakable voice of Mark Hockings and melodies reminiscent of his beloved band Mesh. In the past, I’ve observed that Patrik’s voice resembles Mark’s, so it’s nice to hear them embracing the similarity and working together.

Uncreated is Patrik’s solo project—you may also recognize him as a member of the Swedish duo Vanguard. This has been a big year for him. In addition to his work as Uncreated, Vanguard has also unveiled two songs, including “Ragnarök,” one of the best songs of the year.

You can find Symbiosis on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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