Covered in Snow and Uncreated team up for new song “Rush”

“Rush” will appear on Uncreated’s next album, Symbiosis.

Covered in Snow and Uncreated

Two Swedish synthpop bands have joined forces to create an energetic new song called “Rush.” The track comes from Stockholm’s Covered in Snow and Gothenburg’s Uncreated.

“Rush” will appear on Uncreated’s forthcoming second album, Symbiosis. The full-length album, due out November 12, will feature several collaborations between Uncreated and other artists from the synthpop scene.

Uncreated is the solo project of musician Patrik Hansson, who is also a member of the Swedish duo Vanguard. Patrick has been busy this year. In addition to the new song with Covered in Snow, he’s also released collaborations with Xenturion Prime and Mark Hockings of Mesh. Meanwhile, his Vanguard project has unveiled two songs this year, including “Ragnarök,” one of the best songs of the year.

As for Covered in Snow, the duo comprised of Mikael Engström and Tom Hedlund has been steadily cranking out new music since forming in 2017. This year, they’ve released two tracks, “Glasgow Smile” and “Raincheck.” Covered in Snow first caught my attention last year with the emotionally charged song, “Hurry Up to Love Here.”

You can find “Rush” on Spotify.

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