Korine conjure melancholy on new song “Cast”

The Night We Raise will be out on September 4.


Philadelphia-based synthpop duo Korine have released the third and final pre-release single from their upcoming album, The Night We Raise. It’s called “Cast,” and you can watch the kaleidoscopic video below.

“Cast” is the closing track on The Night We Raise, and its lyrics inform the album’s name, making it a title track of sorts. The melancholic song is about meeting someone who left such an impression that memories of them keep coming back, like casting a spell.

Lead singer Morgy Ramone opens the song with the line, “I kinda wish I never met you just because I don’t think it’ll be this good again,” as multi-instrumentalist Trey Frye plucks from a bass that’s mixed high in the recording, giving  the song a lush, dreamy vibe.

We’ve also heard two previous singles: “Fate” and “Cold Heart.” All three tracks are excellent, and this is shaping up to a fantastic album.

The Night We Raise is Korine’s second full-length album, following 2018’s New Arrangements. It will be out on September 4. You can pre-order it at Bandcamp.

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