Torul – “Resonate”

“Resonate” is the first single from Torul’s next album.


The Slovenian synthpop band Torul is back with a new song called “Resonate.” It’s hypnotic and dreamy. Both lead singer Maj and Torul mastermind Torulsson perform vocals, which lends beautiful melodies to the song. On Facebook, the band says:

The message of the song is that we have to be aware of the transience of life and live to our fullest.

The “Resonate” single comes with three remixes: an Into The Knot Remix, a Ploki Remix, and an Extended Mix.

“Resonate” is the first taste of Torul’s next album, which will be called Fragmentations. It’s due out sometime next year.

We last heard from Torul in March 2020 when they released a retrospective compilation called Teniversia. It contained refreshed and rerecorded versions of 18 of their best songs, including favorites like “Try,” “Monday,” and “Saviour of Love.” Teniversia also featured two original songs, “You and Me” and “Best Moments.”

You can find “Resonate” on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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