Watch Black Nail Cabaret’s new music video for “Maelstrom”

It’s a gorgeous video that presents a study in contrasts.

Black Nail Cabaret

Black Nail Cabaret released a new music video today for the song “Maelstrom,” a track from their outstanding 2020 album, Gods Verging on Sanity. “Maelstrom” premiered this morning at Release Music Magazine, but you can watch it below.

The video presents a study in contrasts. Composer Krisztian Arvai walks across a red, desolate Martian landscape, while singer Emese Arvai-Illes meditates in a serene setting surrounded by bright green plants. They eventually meet, establishing the union of two polar extremes. It’s a gorgeous video.

“Maelstrom” itself has undergone a subtle transformation. Krisztian increases the tempo a bit and adds dramatic new synth elements that make the song feel even more dark and mysterious than the album version.

This is the third video from Gods Verging on Sanity. In November, Black Nail Cabaret released “My Casual God,” which featured footage shot in the Romanian countryside. At the start of last year, they released “No Gold,” a video that found Emese shedding her long hair and looking extremely vulnerable.

Gods Verging on Sanity is Black Nail Cabaret’s fifth studio album. I named it the number four best album of 2020.

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