Agent Side Grinder releases stunning remix album

Every song from last year’s A/X has been reimagined.

Agent Side Grinder

One of my favorite bands right now, the Swedish post-punk/electronic outfit Agent Side Grinder, has a new album out today that remixes every song from last year’s incredible album, A/X. It is cleverly titled REMA/X.

You can find REMA/X on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Revisiting these songs with a whole new bent has been an absolute joy this morning. One of the things I appreciate about this release is that the songs have been reimagined by fresh, exciting names like Buzz Kull and Tobias Bernstrup that you don’t typically see on remix albums.

There are also several remix artists I haven’t heard of before, so I’m discovering new acts. I’m not familiar with Siri Karlsson, but they turn “Wounded Star” inside out with an intense, chamber-driven echo that makes it feel like a Halloween anthem.

REMA/X also includes a previously unreleased Agent Side Grinder song called “The Archives” that was recorded during the A/X sessions. It’s a ballad with a soothing, ’80s soft rock vibe.

A/X was number two on my list of the best albums of 2019. I loved the energy and Cold War tension that played out across every track.

The Bandcamp description for REMA/X says Agent Side Grinder is currently writing new material. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about that in 2021.

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