Mexican artist Art Deko makes exquisite futurepop

If you like VNV Nation, you’ll like Art Deko.

Art Deko

Art Deko is an electronic musician from Tijuana, Mexico. Earlier this month, he released an album called No Remorse that is, I believe, his debut album. It’s filled with trancey futurepop tracks that contain gorgeous melodies. I love it.

You can find No Remorse on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Many of the songs on No Remorse are earlier recordings that previously appeared on Youtube and Spotify, but they’re collected now in a full-length. He primarily sings in English, though there are a couple of tracks in Spanish. Hektor Marin of Nordika guests on a thumper called “Diosa.”

On Bandcamp, Art Deko says his sound is influenced by great electronic artists like Depeche Mode, VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, Pet Shop Boys, and many others. I can certainly hear the influence, especially VNV, but he also has a unique sound of his own, primarily carried by his beautiful voice.

Check out the tracks “The Fallen Man,” “Silence,” and “There’s a Moment.”

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