Several guests join Solitary Experiments for Transcendent

Transcendent is Solitary Experiments’ eighth studio album.

Solitary Experiments

Beloved German futurepop act Solitary Experiments has a new album out today called Transcendent. It’s their first new album in three years.

Transcendent is aptly named. It leans heavily into the trance sounds that define futurepop and set it apart from EBM, aggrotech, and other off-shoots of industrial music.

Here’s how the album notes describe Transcendent:

True to its title, the album Transcendent is a highly sensual experience in which both Solitary Experiments founders Michael Thielemann and Dennis Schober never lose sight of their electronic-melodic core, seemingly expressing with every chord.

Transcendent is heavy on guest vocalists

Solitary Experiments also makes note of the album’s guests vocalists: “For the first time in the almost 30-year band history, frontman Dennis Schober welcomes guest singers.” The list of singers includes:

  • Elena Alice Fossi of Kirlian Camera
  • Dirk Ivens of Dive
  • Nina De Lianin of In Strict Confidence
  • Patrik Hansson of the bands Uncreated and Vanguard
  • Gabriella Åström of Me The Tiger
  • Nils Upahl of Beyond Obsession

There are also a handful of remixes from the likes of Rob Dust, Grendel, and Run Level Zero, which brings the album’s total tracklisting to 23 songs.

Prior to the album’s release, we heard three singles, including “Every Now and Then,” an uplifting dancefloor anthem that is among my favorite songs of the year. The other pre-release singles are album opener “Wonderland” and “The Great Unknown.”

Transcendent is Solitary Experiments’ eighth studio album. It’s the follow-up to 2019’s excellent full-length, Future Tense, which included the songs “Achromatic” and “Crash & Burn.”

You can find Transcendent on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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