Alphaville is releasing unpublished songs on Youtube because of coronavirus

Today’s track is an unreleased song and an Alphaville fan favorite called “Questions of Happiness.”


For the past several weeks, the beloved German synthpop band Alphaville has been steadily uploading unreleased songs and demos to Youtube.

Today’s track is an unreleased song called “Questions of Happiness (Mark V).” The song was originally written in 2005 in London. They’ve played it live before, and it’s a bit of an Alphaville fan favorite.

“Questions of Happiness (Mark V)” is an electro banger, and there’s a spoken-word segment near the end that’s reminiscent of Vincent Price.

More unreleased Alphaville music

Alphaville says on Facebook they’ve scoured their archives and found 52 unpublished songs or unpublished versions of songs. “And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!”

The idea to release these songs was inspired by a fan’s request for new music during these troubled times. They were touched by the request and have taken it on as a mission for their fans.

In addition to “Questions of Happiness (Mark V)” above, Alphaville has released four more tracks:

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