Kite releases “Panic Music” B-side, “Bocelli”

“Panic Music” and “Bocelli” are the first songs Kite has released since collaborating with Blanck Mass.


Swedish synth duo Kite has a new song out today called “Bocelli” that is the B-side to their recently unveiled single, “Panic Music.” The two songs appear to be companions—they’re both accompanied by similar music videos shot by filmmaker Mattias Erik Johansson that feature Kite’s hand logo burning in the woods. In “Bocelli,” the hand collapses amidst the flames.

“Bocelli” serves as a somber, cinematic antidote to “Panic Music’s” frenetic blast of anger and attitude. It reminds me a bit of “Nocturne,” the bleak and beautiful closing track from Kite VI, their most recent EP.

The song is presumably named after the legendary Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli, though he’s not name-checked in the lyrics. My guess is that Bocelli made some impact on singer Nicklas Stenemo while he was growing up in Sweden—perhaps as a calming factor. It opens with the lyrics: “I changed the sound inside my head.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Kite has named a song after an influential artist. In 2020, they released “Bowie ’95,” undoubtedly a reference to iconic musician David Bowie. At the time, I speculated that “Bowie ’95” is about discovering music that is more substantial than just a catchy tune you hear on the radio.

“Panic Music” and “Bocelli” are the first songs Kite has released since collaborating with post-industrial wizard, Blanck Mass. The partnership produced four tracks, including “Hand Out the Drugs,” one of my favorite songs of 2020. You can hear Blanck Mass’ influence on “Panic Music,” which may just be Kite’s most aggressive song yet.

Kite is currently working on their next EP, Kite VII (Kite typically releases EPs rather than long-form albums). They haven’t officially announced anything yet, but I suspect that “Panic Music” will appear on the EP and “Bocelli” may be the closing track.

In addition to all this new music, Kite is about to embark on a US tour. They recently announced a string of dates that include shows in Philadelphia, Seattle, and Baltimore, as well as appearances at the Cold Waves festivals in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

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