Listen to the new ES23 song, “Only Melodies Remain”

The full-length album will be out August 23.

ES23 - Only Melodies Remain

ES23 is getting ready to release their next album. You can now stream the title track, “Only Melodies Remain.”

The title seems appropriate as the song has a melodic, futurepop vibe that’s very different from ES23’s earlier aggrotech stuff.

Only Melodies Remain will be the fourth studio album from ES23. It’s due out on August 23. You can pre-order the new album at Bandcamp.

On Facebook, here’s how they describe the album, “Only Melodies Remain takes you on a journey full of feelings, fantasies, and dreams. From club tracks to ballads with catchy character, it’s the tunes that draw you under.”

Here’s the complete tracklisting:

  1. My Avatar
  2. When I’m Gone
  3. In My Fantasy
  4. Memories
  5. Only Melodies Remain
  6. Not Your Enemy
  7. Good Or Bad
  8. Taking Me Down
  9. It Means Nothing
  10. In The End (feat. Synthattack)
  11. Tonight
  12. The Last One
  13. When I’m Gone (Solitary Experiments Remix)
  14. Taking Me Down (Shiv-R Remix)

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