Love & Revenge is a new side-project from Rotersand and Girls Under Glass

Love & Revenge’s debut EP is called Angel.

Love and Revenge

This is one of my favorite new surprises.

Rascal, the unmistakable voice of Rotersand, has teamed up with Axel Ermes from Girls Under Glass for a new side-project called Love & Revenge. On Friday, they released their debut EP, a collection of four songs called Angel.

You can find Angel on Spotify, Youtube, and other digital platforms.

On Facebook, Love & Revenge describe themselves as a German band inspired by ’80s synthpop. They used some ’80s equipment, including a BOSS Chorus Ensemble, during production to get that warm, deep ’80s sound.

While Love & Revenge may be rooted in the ’80s, their new EP sounds thoroughly modern to me. The title track “Angel” is built on a dark house beat with a shuffling synth layer, while Rascal croons, “I’m an angel, falling from the sky.”

On follow-up track, “Eternal Truth,” high-pitched keys and Rascal’s melodic vocals feel a bit more romantic. Closing song “Talking Silence” offers fluttering bird-like sounds that give it an atmospheric effect.

The project came about during the COVID-19 pandemic. Axel spoke to German website Hell-Zone, in which he says lockdown gave him more time to focus on his creative output. He also says they’re already working on additional music. You can find the full interview here.

Here’s the complete tracklisting and album art for Love & Revenge’s debut EP:

  1. Angel
  2. Eternal Truth
  3. Stranger Chasing Dream
  4. Talking Silence

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