NamNamBulu’s Henrik Iversen joins Ruined Conflict on new anthem

“The Silent Ones” is a call for peace.

Ruined Conflict - The Silent Ones

Ruined Conflict has a new futurepop anthem out today called “The Silent Ones” that features none other than the legendary voice of NamNamBulu, Henrik Iversen.

You can find “The Silent Ones” on Bandcamp and Spotify.

The song is a call for peace. Amidst soothing piano progressions and dense electronics, its lyrics include lines like “We need each other more than ever” and “Bring hope and forgiveness.” It’s a nice sentiment given the state of the world right now.

The Silent Ones EP includes three versions of the song: the original featuring Lady Wicked Goth, a remix of the original, and a version with Henrik Iversen performing the vocals. There’s also a lovely instrumental opening called “Year 2020.”

Ruined Conflict, the electronic music project fronted by Xavier Morales, has been busy this year. Just a few months ago, he released an EP called Dying Light. He’s also dropped various singles throughout the year, including “Neonlights” and “Covid 19.”

NamNamBulu should be instantly familiar to fans of futurepop and German electronic. The band is hugely influential on the dark music scene today and known for many famous songs like “Now or Never,” “Alone,” and “Memories.” They split in 2005 but reunited in 2013.

Henrik Iversen’s partner in NamNamBulu is musician Vasi Vallis, another prolific artist. Vasi Vallis is part of Frozen Plasma, Future Lied to Us, Reaper, and does production work for numerous other bands.

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