New band you should know: Aeronaut V

Watch Aeronaut V perform their incredible song “Waiting.”

Aeronaut V

Aeronaut V is a brand new band from Finland I’m obsessed with right now. They have a dark, vibrant sound that blends elements of futurepop and synthwave. The vocalist has a deep, rich voice that at times reminds me of Eskil from Covenant.

In January, Aeronaut V released their debut EP called Late Departure. You can find it on Spotify.

Late Departure contains six songs, and they’re all pretty fantastic. But it’s track number three, “Waiting,” that blew my mind. This is an incredible song with a lot of dynamic electronic sounds flickering in the background. The lyrics are melancholic with a memorable chorus:

“I’ll wait for you until the end.
And it kills me.
The promise that I made.
I die a little every day.”

Here’s a video of Aeronaut V performing “Waiting.”


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