So this Die Antwoord song is really amazing

The final track from their new album sounds like futurepop.

Die Antwoord

South African enfants terribles Die Antwoord surprise-released a new album last week called House of Zef. This news passed me by because I’m not really into Die Antwoord, although “I Fink U Freeky” is fun to dance to.

Today I somehow stumbled across House of Zef’s final track, “No 1.” It is pretty incredible. The music trades in Die Antwoord’s standard ’90s techno boom for softer, trancey futurepop, and Ninja and Yo-landi sing instead of rap. The lyrics are solemn and introspective. It sorta sounds like a song.

“No 1” doesn’t sound anything like Die Antwoord! I skimmed through the rest of the album, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect from them.

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