TR/ST unveils “Razr” from the Impact Winter soundtrack

“Razr” is TR/ST’s second song this year, following “The Shore.”


TR/ST has a new song out today called “Razr.” It appears on the soundtrack for Impact Winter, a post-apocalyptic vampire series from Travis Beachman, the creator of Carnival Row and Pacific Rim. Impact Winter is an audio thriller from Audible.

“Razr” is a brief song—under three minutes—that feels like it’s split in two parts. The first half sounds like traditional TR/ST with menacing electronics and Robert Alfons’ trademark nasally vocals. Around the 1:20, the beat gives way to a lovely piano line and Robert delivers a serene bridge. As usual, I can’t make out most of the lyrics.

Notably, “Razr” is credited solely to Robert. On his most recent track, “The Shore,” he worked with Los Angeles-based music producer Nick Weiss, also known as Nightfeelings. It was their first time working together, and Nightfeelings has since played keys during TR/ST’s live performances in Hollywood—I suspect we’ll hear more of Nick’s production with TR/ST.

TR/ST’s last album was The Destroyer Pt 2, the second half of a monumental two-part cycle about shame. I named first disc The Destroyer Pt 1 the best synthpop album of the year and its single “Gone” the best song of the year. Robert has not yet announced if he’s working on a new TR/ST album.

You can find “Razr” on Spotify.

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