Cover art and tracklisting revealed for Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik

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German futurepop band Eisfabrik are suiting up to release their fifth album, which is titled Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik. It’s coming January 24, 2020.

According to Google, Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik translates to “cryothermal music from the ice factory.” As with all things Eisfabrik, I believe that means very, very cold.

We’ll get our first taste of the album on November 22 when Eisfabrik release their latest EP, Rotationsausfall in der Eisfabrik. It will feature the single, “And Nothing Turns,” along with a bunch of remixes by Covenant, Frozen Plasma, and others. They are also working on a music video for the song. You can pre-order the EP here.

Here is the album cover art and tracklisting:

Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik

1. Deeper And Deeper
2. No Matter
3. We Don’t Care
4. Grim Reaper
5. Lonely Like A Wolf
6. Too Late
7. Greetings From Far Away
8. Journey Of Oblivion
9. And Nothing Turns (Extended)
10. Back Home
11. Opposites Collide
12. White Sheet (Kryothermalversion)


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