Eisfabrik release double album, Life Below Zero

Life Below Zero is Eisfabrik’s sixth studio album.



Eisfabrik’s new double album, Life Below Zero, is out today. It features 20 tracks of fine German futurepop.

A few weeks ago, Eisfabrik unveiled their latest music video supporting the album, a track called “Saving Shore.” The yeti who has sorta become their mascot appears prominently in the video and learns how to play drums. Watch it above.

You can find Life Below Zero on Spotify and Amazon.


“Eins Mit Dem Wind” is the first single from Eisfabrik’s next album, Life Below Zero. It’s one of six tracks on the album sung in German—the title translates to “One With the Wind.”

The video features the members of Eisfabrik performing in a desolate landscape. There’s also a synthesizer on fire.


German futurepop band Eisfabrik has revealed all the details of their next album, which will be called Life Below Zero. It’s coming February 25, 2022.

Life Below Zero is Eisfabrik’s sixth studio album. It follows their 2020 release, Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik, which I included on my list of the best albums of the year.

They’re not straying too far from their formula of recording songs about frozen landscapes, though this release appears to cover themes of loneliness and isolation in keeping with the Covid era. The press notes for Life Below Zero say (translated from German):

Alone in the dark, 24/7 not the slightest light, a little closeness or a touch of warmth. Only oppressive silence, oppressive loneliness and freezing cold. In “7even Days of Darkness,” driving beats gradually build up and whip you ice cold in the face. But you defy the seemingly hopeless fate and counter: “Now I will gather power and bring it to an end.” You fight, but the cold and the ice seem to overwhelm you and bring you to your knees.

But then suddenly Dr. Schnee, Frost, °Celsius, and Fahrenheit hold the “mirror” in front of your almost frozen face. With melodic synth sounds, haunting vocals and beats that you simply HAVE to dance to, they thaw your frozen limbs and give you new hope. You realize that music, love and joy are stronger than darkness and cold.

We’re getting our first taste of Life Below Zero on Friday. Eisfabrik will release the album’s first single and an accompanying music video that they’ve been teasing on Facebook—video footage features Eisfabrik performing in the snow near a synthesizer on fire.

German producer Gerrit Thomas is one of the musicians behind Eisfabrik—I believe he is codenamed Frost. He’s been busy. Gerrit has resurrected his old band Ravenous, and they’re also planning to release a new album.

Life Below Zero tracklisting and cover art

Life Below Zero is a double album that will contain a whopping 20 songs. It will also feature more German tracks than any previous Eisfabrik album—six tracks are in German, 14 in English. In addition to the album tracks, there will be a limited-edition fan box that includes six more previously unreleased songs.


  1. Mirror
  2. Saving Shore
  3. Eins mit dem Wind
  4. Wait for a Sign
  5. Neurodämon
  6. Lost in Endless Ice
  7. 7even Days of Darkness
  8. White Wings
  9. Choose
  10. Energie
  11. Glück auf!
  12. Lost Control
  13. One More Tale


  1. Life Below Zero
  2. Ain’t Gonna Lie
  3. Over and Done
  4. Wages of Sin
  5. Zeit und Meer
  6. Wake Up!
  7. Alles still

Bonus CD:

  1. Hallucinations
  2. Once Before the Devil
  3. Never Look Back
  4. Strings of Life
  5. Immortal Mirth
  6. Schrei

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