Eisfabrik – “7even Days of Darkness”

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German futurepop band Eisfabrik has a new song out today called “7even Days of Darkness.” It maintains Eisfabrik’s penchant for recording songs about the desolate cold, featuring the choice line: “I’m frozen to the bone.”

7even Days of Darkness” is the fourth single from Eisfabrik’s next album, Life Below Zero, which is due out in February. They’ve previously released the singles “Eins Mit Dem Wind,” “Wait for a Sign,” and “Walk Below Zero.”

Life Below Zero will be Eisfabrik’s sixth studio album. They promise more of the melodic synth sounds and club-friendly beats the band is known for. Here’s more information about the upcoming album, including the complete tracklisting and cover art.

You can find “7even Days of Darkness” on Spotify.


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