Solitary Experiments is releasing a 25th Anniversary Compilation

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The famous German band Solitary Experiments is celebrating 25 years of electronic and futurepop sounds. Next week, they’re performing a two-night show in Berlin with special guests like Beborn Beton and Lights of Euphoria.

They’re also releasing a 25th Anniversary Compilation on November 8. The title is a bit of a misnomer. Rather than a career-long retrospective, it will be a collection of remixes from Solitary Experiments’ most recent album, Future Tense. These remixes are by some pretty impressive names, including Iris, Future Lied to Us, Rroyce, and Chrom.

Here’s the album cover and the complete tracklisting:

  1. Sanctuary (Future Lied to Us Remix)
  2. The Struggle (Midnight Resistance Remix)
  3. Every Time (Iris Remix)
  4. Achromatic (Lights of Euphoria Remix)
  5. Phoenix (Little Neighbour Mix by Channel East)
  6. Double Dealer (Framework Remix)
  7. Shelter (Chrom Remix)
  8. Every Time (Piano Version by Solar Fake)
  9. I Am (Rroyce Remix)
  10. Sanctuary (Futuroscope Remix by Cyto)
  11. Die Zukunft (Pyrroline Remix)
  12. Phoenix (Mildreda Remix)
  13. The Struggle (2nd Face Remix)
  14. Double Dealer (Citric Acid Remix)

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