Synthpop happenings: 10 things to expect in April

New songs, new albums, and potential big announcements happening this month.


April is going to be a big month for synthpop fanatics. Unfortunately, I’m going to miss all of it!

I am traveling for much of April, and I’ll be completely off-the-grid. That means I won’t be updating my website, Spotify playlist, social media pages, or responding to messages for the next few weeks. When I get back in front of a computer, I suspect I’ll be adding a ton of new music to my collection.

Here’s a preview of some of the things I’m looking forward to catching up on. See you on the other side.

Kite’s new single is called “Panic Music”

Ever since they recorded a series of incredible songs in 2020 with music producer Blanck Mass, Swedish duo Kite has been working hard on new music, presumably their next EP, Kite VII. They’ve yet to reveal if an EP is on the way, but they’ve just released a new single called “Panic Music.”

VNV Nation is about to announce something

It’s been nearly four years since VNV Nation’s last album, Noire. They are due. There’s a good chance that VNV will be announcing a new single or maybe even a full-length album. On Instagram, Ronan Harris posted a photo of his recently completed Studio B and teased: “Stay tuned for an announcement.”

Solitary Experiments returns from a 5-year hiatus

One of the biggest futurepop bands in the world, Solitary Experiments, is planning to release a new single on April 14 called “Every Now and Then.” It’s their first new music since their excellent 2018 album Future Tense.

Ashbury Heights drops another Ghost House single

Dark synth duo Ashbury Heights has been steadily cranking out tracks for a forthcoming project they’re calling Ghost House Sessions. The fifth song in the cycle, “A Cut in a Place,” arrives on April 12. It will feature Madil Hardis who also contributed to “Wild Eyes.”

RROYCE makes us paranoid

German project RROYCE impressed me big time in 2019 with “Parallel Worlds,” the lead single from their third studio album Patience. I’m eagerly anticipating what they do next. On April 8, RROYCE will release a new song with the mysterious title, “PARANOIAC SL.”

X Marks the Pedwalk presents album 11

Longtime Synthpop Fanatic favorites X Marks the Pedwalk will release a new album this year called New/End. It’s coming out April 29, though we’ve already heard the album’s first single, “Sailors at Dawn.”

BlakLight gets remixed by everybody

The rapidly emerging synthpop duo BlakLight made a considerable impact with their first two albums, and they continue to pick up steam with a new remix collection coming April 15. The roster of artists contributing remixes is mindblowing: Assemblage 23, Aesthetic Perfection, Solar Fake, Beborn Beton, Klack, and many more.

Blind Passenger’s album features guests galore

Last month, German band Blind Passenger released a high-energy banger called “Hello Destiny” that featured Solitary Experiments’ Dennis Schober. He’s one of many guests set to appear on Blind Passenger’s new album coming April 22 that’s appropriately titled Teamwork. It also features Leæther Strip, Rob Dust, Outsize, and more.

Violent Gandhi cements their return

Swedish synthpop trio Violent Gandhi reunited last year with the singles “1990” and “Smart Bombs City Lights,” their first new music in 30 years. The reunion is about to get even better. On April 8, they’ll release another new track, “Sunstone” that’s part of a full-length album they’re hoping to release by the end of the year.

Iris won’t be silent anymore

Iris may have broken up last year, but they’re not going away quietly. On April 29, they’ll release a remastered special edition of their third album, Wrath. It will include a 48-page CD artbook with new artwork, lyrics sheets, live photos, liner notes, and a bonus CD that includes remixes and unreleased tracks. Read my interview with Andrew Sega about the Wrath remaster and the band’s legacy.

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