X Marks the Pedwalk announce New/End album

Watch the music video for New/End’s first single “Sailors at Dawn.”

X Marks the Pedwalk


X Marks the Pedwalk have released the first single from their upcoming album, New/End. The track is called “Sailors at Dawn.”

The song is written and produced by XMTP founder Sevren Ni-Arb, who also directed the official music video. Like many recent XMTP songs, the vocals are performed by his partner Estefanía.

You can pre-order New/End at Bandcamp.


Longtime Synthpop Fanatic favorites X Marks the Pedwalk will release a new album this year called New/End. It’s coming out April 29, 2022. Check out the cover image below.

New/End will be the legendary German project’s 11th full-length album. It will feature nine electro tracks with compelling titles that include “Sailors at Dawn,” “Kill Me Tonight,” and “Yesterdays.” Full tracklist coming soon.

Here’s what the band says about the new album:

X MARKS THE PEDWALK again take us on an emotional, musical journey. 9 modern and catchy Electro-Pop songs tell about determination and strength as well as moments of pain and loss.

I’ve been a fan of X Marks the Pedwalk since the first time I heard their songs “Abattoir” and “I Promise You a Murder” way back in the early ’90s. Though their sound has undergone a number of changes in their 30+ year career, they’ve consistently produced outstanding music. I’ve long argued that their experimental 1996 album, Meshwork, foretold the futurepop era.

XMTP returned from a years-long hiatus in 2010 with the album Inner Zone Journey that fully embraced the melodic futurepop sound they helped birth. They’ve since been on a run, steadily releasing solid albums every 2 to 3 years.

Their last album was 2020’s Transformation. Founder Sevren Ni-Arb’s partner Estefanía took over lead vocals on many of the album’s songs, giving the project a strong female polish. Transformation contained the powerful electro tracks “Walk Away,” “Sunrise,” and “Transformind.”

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