BlakLight’s remix album has a mindblowing lineup

Out of the Void – The Remixes features contributions from 20 artists, including Assemblage 23 and Aesthetic Perfection.


Los Angeles-based duo BlakLight is having a moment. There’s so much news surrounding the band, it’s hard to keep up.

First up, perhaps the biggest news from the BlakLight camp is that they are preparing to release a double album of remixes of songs from their extraordinary second album, Into the Void. The roster of artists contributing remixes is a mindblowing who’s who in the modern synthpop scene. You can see the full tracklist below, but it includes remixes from Assemblage 23, Solar Fake, Aesthetic Perfection, CZARINA, newcomers like J:dead, and several other impressive names.

Into the Void made my list of the best synthpop albums of 2021 for its emotionally resonant lyrics and forward-thinking sounds. It includes the singles “Reset” and “Nightmares,” songs that captured the COVID-era zeitgeist.

Out Of The Void – The Remixes will be released on April 15. You can pre-order it at Bandcamp beginning tomorrow.

Out Of The Void – The Remixes tracklisting

Every song from Into the Void has been remixed twice, bringing the grand total of songs on this double album to 20 tracks. Here’s the complete tracklist for Out of the Void – The Remixes:

  1. Paranoid (Rob Dust’s Strange Remix)
  2. Crack (Uncreated Remix)
  3. Skin (Black Light Odyssey Remix)
  4. Nightmares (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
  5. Reset (Eisfabrik Remix)
  6. Into The Void (Inside Out Remix by Assemblage 23)
  7. World (Rroyce Remix)
  8. Waiting (Solar Fake Remix)
  9. Vampires (Von Hertzog Remix)
  10. The Fallen (Brutalist Architecture In The Sun Remix)
  11. Paranoid (klackmix)
  12. Crack (KISS OF THE WHIP Remix)
  13. Skin (C Z A R I N A Remix)
  14. Nightmares (Remix by Stefan Netschio of Beborn Beton)
  15. Reset (Fused Remix)
  16. Into The Void (The Foreign Resort Remix)
  17. World (Piston Damp Remix)
  18. Waiting (Kontravoid Remix)
  19. Vampires (Paragon Cause Remix)
  20. The Fallen (J:dead Remix)

Complications compiles BlakLight’s bonus tracks

BlakLight also announced a bonus CD called Complications that will compile 12 tracks that have never been released physically. These songs include BlakLight’s contributions to compilations like the Generation Blitz series, as well as their covers of classic songs from the likes of Ministry and Duran Duran. Complications is a Bandcamp exclusive CD that is strictly limited to 50 copies.

Here’s the complete tracklisting for Complications:

  1. A Stranger Calls
  2. So Gone
  3. Blinded By The Sun
  4. Effigy (I’m Not An)
  5. Careless Memories
  6. Crack (Dark Mix)
  7. The Killing Moon
  8. Into The Void (Cold Mix)
  9. Nowhere Girl
  10. All You Ever Think About Is Sex
  11. No Doubt
  12. Isolation (Quarantine Extended Mix)

BlakLight makes their live debut

In addition to all this new music, there’s one other big piece of news from BlakLight. The band recently made their live debut in Los Angeles at a show that included MATTE BLVCK and Vain Machine. It was soon followed by two more live shows, including an appearance at the Darkness Calling Festival. The band are looking to add more live dates.

Check out BlakLight in action below, performing their signature song, “Under the BlakLight,” which comes from their incredible debut album, Music in a Time of Uncertainty.

The future of BlakLight looks promising. The duo is hard at work on their third and fourth albums.

(Photo at top of page courtesy of Darren McDermott.)

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