Listen to an exclusive new track from BlakLight

“Reset” is available for Bandcamp pre-order and streaming exclusively for one week at Synthpop Fanatic.

One of my favorite new artists, the synthpop duo BlakLight, is getting ready to release their next single, a song called “Reset.” They’ve given me the opportunity to premiere it here.

“Reset” is available for Bandcamp pre-order and streaming exclusively for one week at Synthpop Fanatic. It gets officially released on Friday, September 10. You can listen to the song in the player above and pre-order it at Bandcamp now.

BlakLight’s Adam Collier says “Reset” was one of the first songs he composed for their next album.

It fell from the sky, and I grabbed on for the ride. Brian’s vocals and lyrics are quite remarkable, and I hope that everyone enjoys “Reset” as much as we do.

Like all of the previous singles, “Reset” will come with a B-side that’s a cover of a classic ’80s tune, which has become a bit of a tradition for BlakLight. For this release, they’ve covered Duran Duran’s “Careless Memories” from their 1981 debut album. Adam says it’s his favorite Duran Duran song. BlakLight has previously covered songs by Ministry, Peter Murphy, David Bowie, and Fad Gadget.

New album coming in October

“Reset” is the second single from BlakLight’s forthcoming sophomore album, Into the Void. The album, due out on October 8, is the follow-up to BlakLight’s incredible debut, Music in a Time of Uncertainty, which I named one of the best albums of 2020.

In August, BlakLight released the album’s first single, a track called “Nightmares” that was one of my favorite songs of the month. “Nightmares” teased a darker direction for the band and included some guitar that they promise will be a prominent part of the new album.

BlakLight’s vocalist Brian Belknap gives us an update on the album’s progress and what to expect:

We’re about halfway finished mixing and mastering the album, and we’ll probably be working on it up until the last minute. It’s got ten tracks and features guest vocals from Gene Serene from the Frixion and Magnus Dahlberg from MORE. We’re incredibly happy with how it’s turned out and while some songs sound not too far off from the first album, there are others which are a world away.

“Reset” single cover art

Here is the cover art for “Reset,” which features photography from Kevin Collier, who has shot all of the band’s previous covers.

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