The Mystic Underground releases new album, Wrapped in Riddles

Club beats + classic synthpop melodies.

The Mystic Underground


Wrapped in Riddles is out today. You can find it on Bandcamp and Spotify.

It’s a blast! The beats on this feel really powerful, like high-energy dance cuts. Favorite tracks upon first listen: “Such Great Expectations,” “In the Absence of Logic,” and album closer “Oslo.”


Brooklyn-based synthpop duo The Mystic Underground are set to release their next studio album, Wrapped in Riddles, on November 13.

You can pre-order Wrapped in Riddles on Bandcamp.

The Mystic Underground’s compelling approach to synthpop feels both retro and current, a feat they pull off by incorporating influences far and wide, from early New Wave and industrial to latter-day house. They should appeal to fans of classic bands like Erasure and Pet Shop Boys as well as modern synthpop artists like Lust for Youth.

We’ve already heard one track from Wrapped in Riddles, a pulsating number called “The Fixer” that premiered on The music video, filmed during the COVID-19 lockdown, features apocalyptic images of a barren New York.

The Mystic Underground is comprised of singer/songwriter Vladimir Valette and keyboardist/producer Benedetto Socci. Their most recent release is last year’s Simple Minds, Simple Pleasures EP.

Here’s the cover art and complete tracklisting for Wrapped in Riddles.

  1. Scared of Demons
  2. Such Great Expectations
  3. Bushwick Boys, East Village Girls
  4. A Certain Chemistry
  5. An Enigma Wrapped in a Riddle
  6. The Fixer
  7. In the Absence of Logic
  8. A Maddening Affair
  9. Regression to the Mean
  10. The Race
  11. Oslo

The Mystic Underground - Wrapped in Riddles


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