The Mystic Underground – “Bushwick Boys, East Village Girls”

“Bushwick Boys, East Village Girls” is from The Mystic Underground’s 2020 album Wrapped in Riddles.

The Mystic Underground

Brooklyn-based synthpop duo The Mystic Underground has a new music video out for their song “Bushwick Boys, East Village Girls.” The song’s title makes reference to famous neighborhoods in their hometown of New York City, with an unmistakable nod to one of the Pet Shop Boys’ most famous songs.

The video is directed by collaborator William Murray and features the members of The Mystic Underground performing in a darkly lit building, spliced with footage of young people out on the town. It’s a nice tribute to New York nightlife.

“Bushwick Boys, East Village Girls” is the latest single from The Mystic Underground’s 2020 album Wrapped in Riddles, which incorporates influences from early New Wave and industrial to modern-day house. They’ve previously released the singles “The Fixer” and “A Certain Chemistry.”

The Mystic Underground is comprised of singer/songwriter Vladimir Valette and keyboardist/producer Benedetto Socci.

You can find “Bushwick Boys, East Village Girls” on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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