Beyond Border – “Pry Open”

Beyond Border’s debut album will be called Welcome to the Future.

Beyond Border

German band Beyond Border released a new song and accompanying music video today called “Pry Open.” Unlike their previous single, “What Makes the World Go Round,” the guys in Beyond Border, Iggi and Deity, appear prominently in the video. It’s great to see them stepping into their performances.

“Pry Open” features guest vocals from German artist Jan Revolution, whose song “Chasing Through the Night” was included on my list of the best songs of 2019. “What Makes the World Go Round” also featured guest vocals—BlakLight’s Brian Belknap appeared on that song. Adding guest vocalists is working out well for Beyond Border as they provide nice harmonies to Iggi’s vocals.

Beyond Border also revealed that the name of their debut album will be Welcome to the Future, which sounds really forward-thinking and exciting. Both “What Makes the World Go Round” and “Pry Open” will appear on the album when it gets released later this year (I hope!).

Last year, I named Beyond Border the best new artist of 2020 for an incredible run of singles that included the high-energy banger “Construction” and an energetic cover of the Visage classic “The Damned Don’t Cry.“ They are already living up to the hype. This year’s first single, “What Makes the World Go Round,” is one of the best songs of 2021 so far.

You can find “Pry Open” on Bandcamp.

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