Diorama releases music video for new song, “Gasoline”

Diorama’s new album, Tiny Missing Fragments, is coming Friday.


The beloved German synthpop band Diorama is getting ready to release their tenth studio album, Tiny Missing Fragments. Today, they posted a new music video supporting the album for an upbeat track called “Gasoline.”

According to a post on Facebook, the music video is not what they originally had in mind and they had to pull something else together, probably due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s still a sharp-looking video with black and white footage of Diorama main guys Torben Wendt and Felix Marc.

Tiny Missing Fragments is coming out on Friday, October 23. We’ve also heard two other songs from the album, “Dark Pitch” and “Patchwork.” “Gasoline” is the most energetic and my favorite track so far.

Earlier this year, Diorama played a livestream that included “Gasoline” in the setlist. Their last album, Zero Soldier Army, was released in 2016.

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