Watch the new Diorama video: “The Minimum”

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Diorama has a new music video out today supporting their fantastic album Tiny Missing Fragments. It’s for the track “The Minimum.” Watch it below.

On Facebook, Diorama writes: “The video was shot in a country house near Granada/Sierra Nevada and although it might look like yet another corona style socially distanced in-house concoction by some lone wolf, it was actually recorded this January before the whole thing got rolling.”

“The Minimum” is the next-to-last track on Tiny Missing Fragments, but it’s one of the album’s highlights. Its hook, “Too high, too fast, too far. Reduce me to the minimum” is about slowing down and finding calmness amidst the storm. Diorama further explains that it’s about disengaging from the toxic principle of “higher, faster, further, more.”

This is actually the fourth video Diorama has released from Tiny Missing Fragments, including a lyric video for “Patchwork.” They’ve also released videos for “Dark Pitch” and “Gasoline.”

Tiny Missing Fragments is Diorama’s tenth studio album.


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