Felix Marc – “Heartbox”

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“Heartbox” is the new single from prolific German musician Felix Marc. It is officially out today on all music platforms, and he’s released a new music video supporting the song on Youtube.

Felix hasn’t announced yet if he’s working on a full-length album. “Heartbox” is his first new song since releasing his monumental 2019 album, Substance, which contained the songs “Lost in Grace,” “Our Time,” and “The Fortress.” I named “Lost in Grace” my number three song of 2019.

But of course, we’ve heard plenty from Felix’s other projects. In 2020, his band with Torben Wendt, Diorama, released an album called Tiny Missing Fragments that was one of the best of the year. His other band, Frozen Plasma with super-producer Vasi Vallis, also released a great album called Gezeiten. Felix might just be one of the hardest working musicians in the dark music scene.

You can find “Heartbox” on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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