Preview the upcoming double album from My Love Kills

Listen to 3 new songs from My Love Kills’ upcoming album, Imitatio Dei, which will be out digitally on April 21.

My Love Kills

Emerging electro act My Love Kills is getting ready to release its second album, Imitatio Dei, in April. It’s a massive double album featuring 19 new songs. You can get a taste of it below.

The album’s title is a Latin phrase that means “Imitation of God,” a theological concept describing man’s obligation to imitate god. The album cover features religious imagery, and several tracks name-check religious subjects like Babylon and purgatory. Should be interesting.

My Love Kills is sort of an industrial supergroup comprised of V.V. Arkames fromĀ Ad Inferna and Fredrik Sigeback from Erotic Elk. Their various styles come together nicely to create a sound that falls somewhere between Skinny Puppy-style aggressive electro and present-day futurepop. Their debut album, Glitch, was released last year and contained one of my favorite songs of the year, “Love Is Suffering.”

Imitatio Dei will be out digitally on April 21, 2020. Physical copies of the double CD ship out around April 14. You can pre-order it here.

Here is the complete tracklisting:

  1. Silent Scream
  2. Rebirth
  3. Unterwelt
  4. Kingdom of Lost Souls
  5. The new Babylon
  6. La Voisin
  7. Reasons
  8. Black Order Rises
  9. Catatonie
  10. No Remorse
  11. Embrace the Curse
  12. Burn Fire Burn!
  13. Mad Addiction
  14. Deception
  15. Wonderland
  16. The Final Girl
  17. Dead Man Walking
  18. Delusion
  19. Ante-Purgatory

Listen to 3 tracks from Imitatio Dei

So far, we’ve heard three songs from Imitatio Dei, including the excellent lead single, “Silent Scream,” which was released with a lyric video on Youtube. The other two preview tracks, “La Voisin” and “Embrace the Curse,” are available for immediate download at Bandcamp when you pre-order the album.

Listen to the Kingdom of Lost Souls EP

My Love Kills has released another teaser from their upcoming album, Imitatio Dei. It’s a 3-track EP called Kingdom of Lost Souls.

You can find it on Bandcamp and Spotify.

The EP features the title track, “Kingdom of Lost Souls,” and two unreleased tracks. “The Orange Man” contains samples of President Trump!

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