Promenade Cinema cast spooky magic in “Spellbound”

Watch the haunting black-and-white video for “Spellbound.”

Promenade Cinema

One of the best synthpop bands in the world, Promenade Cinema, returns today with a lovely new tune called “Spellbound.” It’s their first new music in nearly three years. (Note: “Spellbound” is an original song, not a Siouxsie cover.)

“Spellbound” arrives just in time for spooky season. It opens with a haunting organ that’s broken by twinkling keys, and Emma Barson sings of curses, darkness, a costly game, and at one point “a dead man’s party.”

True to their name, the video for “Spellbound” unspools moody black-and-white footage with top-notch cinema quality. A hand moves across an ouija board, and a sorceress casts a spell—perfect visuals for Halloween weekend. By the end of the video, a massive fire ignites the screen.

“Spellbound” will be followed by a forthcoming EP due out in 2023. Promenade Cinema’s last studio release was their 2020 album Exit Guides, which contains the songs “The Arch House” and “Cold Fashion.” I included it on my list of the best albums of the year for its detailed storytelling and tremendous synth work.

You can find “Spellbound” on Bandcamp.

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