Ashbury Heights feat. Danny Blu – “Cutscenes”

“Cutscenes” contains numerous references to Alice in Wonderland.

Dark synth duo Ashbury Heights has a compelling new song out today called “Cutscenes” that features guest vocals from emerging synthpop artist Danny Blu.

“Cutscenes” is named for the cutscenes in a video game, the brief video clips that are supposed to advance the narrative but often end up disappointing and frustrating players. In addition to that premise, the song’s lyrics contain numerous references to Alice in Wonderland—caterpillars, rabbit holes, and mad hatters all appear. The chorus features the lines, “I played a game with the white queen. I lost my head in the cutscenes.”

On Facebook, Ashbury Heights says, “We are all extremely proud of this track, Ashbury Heights has rarely sounded better.”

This collaboration with Danny Blu came about after Ashbury Heights remixed a Danny Blu song called “Paradise City” for his remix set,  The Pale Horse: Pandemonium. “We felt there was something more there, and that we all wanted to explore where further collaboration could take us,” Ashbury Heights posted on Facebook.

For listeners new to Danny Blu, he is a darkwave artist from New York who combines strong pop sensibilities and industrial soundscapes. He’s also the frontman of alternative rock band Echo Black, though lately he’s been focusing on his solo material.

“Cutscenes” is the fourth new song we’ve heard from Ashbury Heights since their outstanding fourth album, The Victorian Wallflowers. They’ve also released “Spectres From the Black Moss,” “Wild Eyes,” and “One Trick Pony.” All four tracks should appear on a forthcoming album of songs called Ghost House Sessions that will collect rare and unreleased songs from the band.

You can find “Cutscenes” on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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